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What Is Air Freight Forwarding?

Air and ocean freight forwarding both achieve the same result but in completely different ways. This article will attempt to explain, simply, what air freight forwarding is and how and when you can use it to the benefit of your business.

Air freight or air cargo refers to goods or materials that is transported by aircraft, mainly aeroplanes and can vary in size and weight, from small air mail packages to large and heavy equipment.

Air freight forwarding is the use of airplanes to import and export goods from one country or city to another.

Freight forwarders act as agents between shippers and providers of international transportation.

Freight forwarding companies perform the associated formalities on behalf of exporters and importers. They take care of all the processes required to get a shipment from its point of origin to its destination.

Their extensive list of services include preparation of import and export documents. They arrange or provide warehousing for goods in transit, book cargo space, negotiate freight rates and freight consolidation with shipping companies.

Local associates take over control of cargo when it arrives at the destination airport. They act on behalf of the freight forwarding company and take care of documents for delivery, de-consolidation and freight collection services. The goods are then delivered to the intended recipient.